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With 20 years collective experience in the B-BBEE industry, of which a significant number of years were spent in the verification arena, we believe we are uniquely positioned to provide you with services of superior quality. The relationships we have built in the industry serve our clients well.

BEE Consulting & Advisory

This service seeks to provide assistance for those entities who are seeking overall preparation in relation to an upcoming B-BBEE Verification.

B-BBEE Training

Experienced CMS staff will provide training on the Amended Codes of Good Practice and various sector charters. Their verification experience will be used to train candidates on verification methodologies used by SANAS accredited agencies, to ensure the client understands the elements and methodologies applied.

ownership transactions

Let us help you to create sustainable transactions which transcend BEE.

"Let us help you create sustainable transactions which transcend BEE. We will implement These transactions and manage them from start to finish"

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