About Us



Our founding member has been involved in B-BBEE verification since 2007, having managed and owned more than one verification agency. During the past year, it became apparent to him that clients are struggling with the complexities and technical aspects inherent to the relevant legislation.

Verification Agencies are subjected to changes resulting from their annual SANAS assessments, notices published by the Dti and publications from the desk of the B-BBEE Commissioner. The difficulty clients experience to stay afloat and to comply with the B-BBEE verification requirements are compounded by these factors.

This, in essence, is how CMS was born. Our aim is to provide transparent and accurate technical and verification advice, therefore enabling our clients to not only pass verification, but to be familiar with every aspect of the process and so lessen the unexpected.

CMS is in daily contact with verification agencies to ensure that our methodologies/interpretations remain valid and accepted. We believe that verification experience should be a prerequisite for all B-BBEE consultants, as it allows for an approach aligned with that of the verification agency.

We are fortunate to be able to provide our clients with the benefits gained from our extensive experience in the verification field. Our ultimate aim is to streamline the B-BBEE process for our clients and to eliminate the verification of unknowns as far as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and creating many prosperous and worthwhile relationships in this endeavour.