BEE Consulting & Advisory

This service seeks to provide assistance for those entities who are seeking overall preparation in relation to an upcoming B-BBEE Verification as well as those who want comprehensive assistance with the development of a BEE Plan.
CMS offers the preparation and collation of the relevant documentation pertinent to an upcoming B-BBEE verification. A verification file will be created which can be submitted to the relevant BEE verification agency, along with a preliminary result calculated based on the information provided.

As well as offering the preparation and collation of relevant documentation pertinent to an upcoming B-BBEE verification, CMS can assist in the development of a BEE strategy and the reporting there of on a quarterly basis.

Our Services Include the following:

We have found that our clients opt for a retainer offering due to the value added by the bouquet of services included in the product.

  •  Initial GAP analysis based on either the current or prior verification period
  •  Access to BEE Software which allows for continuous data sharing, scorecard planning and scorecard tracking
  •  Assistance and advice on initiatives – planning, implementation and monitoring
  •  Continuous availability via telephone or email to supply information on legislation, interpretations and required criteria for initiatives and concepts    relevant to B-BBEE
  •  Meetings, held at intervals of your choosing, to report on and discuss progress, issues and the requirements set by the verification agency
  •  Preparation for verification through assistance with data and file collation
  •  Acting as representative (optional), to the verification agency whereby we take responsibility for all communication with the agency prior to, during and after the onsite visit. As a representative, we also address all issues raised by the verification agency.

Part of our monthly retainer fee will also be used towards your Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier development and Socio-economic Development on your scorecard.


B-BBEE Plans

CMS can assist your entity in the drafting of a BEE Plan to align your business to the Amended Codes of Good Practice or the relevant applicable sector Code. We offer the drafting of a report which will outline the details of your entity’s current BEE standing.

EEA2 and EEA4

One of our preferred service providers can offer assistance in the submission of EEA2 and EEA4 documentation. (Employment Equity Submissions to the Department of Labour on an annual Basis.) This also ensures that CMS are aware of the type of reporting and how this will impact your B-BBEE Scorecard, as the Employment Equity Act definitions are used throughout the scorecard.

EEA12 and EEA13

We offer assistance in the submission of EEA12 (Analysis) and EEA13 (Plan): In the event of an inspection the EEA12 and EEA13 needs to be available.