Ownership Transaction

Let us help you!
  • To create sustainable transactions which transcend BEE
  • Implement a successful BEE transaction. We will manage the project from start to finish.
  • We will continue to support you post implementation of the transaction.
  • We can help you to identify strategic Black partnership. Our expertise lies in assisting you throughout the selection and negotiation process. We create sustainable and successful relationships through our partnering.
  • To ensure that we are more than successful in all our endeavours, we partner with leading law firms, advisors, and BEE verification agencies.

1. Is your BEE Ownership initiative compliant?

BEE Codes and legislation are always evolving, for this reason, it is important to ensure that your BEE Ownership initiative is compliant. Beyond just the technical application of Ownership initiatives, it is important to ensure that your scheme is not at risk of being considered to be ‘fronting’. This is where our services in handling your Ownership initiative become invaluable.

2. We will help to assess your Net Value

With Ownership being a Priority Element under the BEE Codes, the focus lands on Net Value, which essentially refers to the creation of wealth in the hands of black South Africans. If your entity fails to achieve the Net Value sub-minimum threshold, a one BEE level penalty will be imposed on your business.

At CMS , we offer you our services in focusing on your BEE Ownership initiative. With a vast understanding of both the technical and practical application of the BEE Codes, we can assist your entity in performing the critical Net Value assessment. If needed, we can help in identifying and testing possible solutions should we foresee any failure in your entity’s ability to achieve the desired Net Value points.